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The Stars...

2 days ago, it was hot day and working from home, in my home office without AC, was difficult.  When the day ended my son wanted to go for a walk and we did so to meet up with the Big Green Gate.  When we came home, I decided that I would sit in the driveway for a bit and avoid the heat within the house.  It has been a while since I sat in the driveway around sunset.  I plopped down my folding chair and instantly pulled out my phone to mindlessly distract myself.  After a few minutes on Instagram I realized what I was doing and decided to not miss out on the best show in town - the sunset and the sky.  With each passing minute, a new star would twinkle - 6, 7, 8, 9...  Soon there were too many to count.  The odd thing is that these stars were (relatively speaking) always there.  They just needed time to come into view and for me to be a little more present and aware.  It's ironic that outside of something so beautiful, there is a danger in the world, spreading.  I guess one must tr

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