AKA: The Lantern Floating Festival rolled around once again this year and as always, it brings a good vibe. I met up with my 2 good friends and their family and played with the boys - my lil' homies. I didn't take many pictures because, well... I was lazy. Ha!

Somebody stole my slippahs... I no can believe. Somebody stole my slippahs. Where's my reprieve? Ok, I had to get that out of the way and thought that a quick poetic delivery would be dopefish.

The day was grand. Roping sets marched in with authority. These sets weren't fully announced and "in yo face" like some kind of Sergeant in boot camp on your very first day, but it was as if the ocean looked upon mankind, threw a bunch of teaser sets and when complacency kicked in, threw a couple of fastballs - fastballs that crept in steadily, at head-high to overhead significance.

Since I have already blogged once about eateries, I thought I would keep the theme going with my steak sammich from Mix Cafe located in downtown Honolulu, on 1025 Alakea St. Give 'em a call, they gots yuuuummy food - 808-532-4540.

I normally don't blog about eateries because well, I leave that to my homie, Rick Nakama. That doesn't however, mean that I don't eat and if there is a place of exceptional service, good prices, and great grinds, I'll definitely say a lil' sumptin sumptin. Caffe Grazie, located at 345 Queen Street, on the outskirts of downtown has DELICIOUS Italian/local eats and the staff always make it a part of their day to welcome you. The owner, Marco is also a very creative person and has created quite an Italian environment. Oh, and yes ladies and gentlemen, that skirt is made out of pasta noodles!

Have you ever been to the top of the world? I can't say I have but, the Kuliouou Hike in Hawaii Kai is definitely a wonderful hike. (Is there such thing as a "Top of the world location?" Anyways...) We were hoping to see both leeward and windward sides of Oahu but, it was a bit cloudy on the Windward side. The cool thing was at the top, you stood amongst the clouds and at the very crest, the clouds rushed past you. Can you say awesome?

They say that when you get to the top of the mountain, you shout at the top of your lungs, "Cars cost less at Cutter!"

Tonight I had dinner with my dear friend, Wendy. Amidst our conversation, we spoke about 2 Britains Got Talent contestants, Susan Boyle and Shaheen Jafargholi.

What bothers me is not my dinner (that was fricken delicious!). It is not my ALWAYS enjoyable and enlightening conversations with Wendy. And no, it is not because Susan and Shaheen do not follow the "norms" of celebrity singers.

It is because I followed the norm; I followed the norm and didn't listen to myself. I have watched them over and over on YouTube and have almost cried on all occasions. I am not some macho man who is unaffected by touching circumstances, humorous situations, and any other occassions that call upon emotions. I am someone who is often moved and feels that if you pay for a comedy show, you better walk out having peed your pants or if you just saw a "chick flick" you better have used up all of the kleenex. (Okay, I feel much better =) )

Check out what I'm talking about....



And Thank You Wendy!!!

A fella down the hall, Bruce, has an amazing collection of bikes and is always kind enough to let me know when he brings over a new one. This is a 1941 Schwinn. Just amazing....

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