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This guy just went up a few notches in my book - Dane Reynolds

Japan 2011

The "bigger" picture

Unaware by Allen Stone

Words to live by

Viva Nica!

Health Information Technology

The new Staind album!!!


A Traveling Surfer's Essentials...

Nicaraguan Food.

SYRV Adventure IX in Nicaragua

Continuous Line Drawing of People

Thoughts and musings...

They grow up so fast!

To stand up or not to stand up.

Derivation of inspiration

It's getting hot in here so take off all your...

Random sketches on scrap paper

Silly little, single-line leaves...

Haleakala - Beauty in Diversity

End of the world... May 21st.

Waves for Water

The elimination of the harbinger of death and hatred

Information - what's the future?

The Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year - a celebration

When is this damn album gonna drop?

Temple Grandin and Like Stars on Earth

All conquest is vain. Even the conquest of self, which is the last act of egotism.

Sam Tsui

Another "good vibe" production

So much Aloha!

What is the intelligence quotient of Google?

Goth, grit, and grace...

Doing the math...

What is the truth about sunscreen?

Continuous Line Drawings

I see them rollin'. I hatin'.....

Failure. Fail.

It was just one of those relaxing kinda days...

Volunteering at Boys and Girls Club

Ceviche stuffed avocado

It was all a blur...