This guy is unreal...

From time to time, my homegirl, Kimmie, invites me on her North Shore surf excursions and recently we had a 3+ hour sesh at Gums. T'was a small day with some winds but, fun fer sher! On a whim I tried her 5'6" Tokoro, which I may have to copy or steal from her (just kidding Kimmie)! It was a skaty little thing and I was having a blast. After, we headed over to the Haleiwa Farmer's Market for some grinds. They had some live entertainment and Kimmie was able to purchase a CD from the fellow who was jamming on his guitar and harmonica (which I must also copy or steal). We walked around for a bit deciding on what to eat; I had the Maui Beef Stew and she had the Turkey Chili. We are definitely stopping by the Farmer's Market the next time we in Haleiwa - so much Aloha! Even the forks and spoons had Aloha!

During the Christmas break, my cousin told me his son said that his generation is infinitely more smart than the previous generation because of Google. I happen to be closer in age to said 2nd cousin than my 1st cousin and use Google A LOT. Did I clarify that I use Google a lot? With that said and knowing that my "natural" IQ dips into the same temperatures as the Antarctic, what is the I.Q. of Google? Because that's how intelligent I am.

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