Vida D. Scudder once said that, "It is through creating, not possessing, that life is revealed." 

I should make this an entire series of blogs, blogs about the "Weird Things That Intrigue Me," starting with this one, a blog about weird innovative fashion.

I had an epiphany of a sort. To give you a little background, I'm a person who can barely read a sentence without my mind taking some sort of unchaperoned detour; will forget your name after 5 seconds; can never give you directions to my house using street names; has applied shampoo to my toothbrush; and without Google, my Google calendar, and my phone, would pretty much be an invalid. I do however, have a keen visual sense and when tagged to some sort of emotion, will never forget the image of your facial expression as you proclaim your absolute disgust of dark chocolate over 70%; your flailing hands as you re-enact fighting off hoards of other (equally) crazy women at a Black Friday sale for your favorite red blouse; clutching your iPad gleefully, as you play all 9 versions of Heartless (in a row); and you, flirtatiously tossing back your hair, knocking all 20 shots off a waitress' tray.

I started reading a monograph by Jim Collins, called Good to Great and Social Sectors and one particular line reminded me to constantly progress, "no matter how much you have achieved, you will always be merely good relative to what you can become." I've always used the term, "potentials." Yes, it's not a word that is normally pluralized but, I've always felt that my potential today exceeds my potential, yesterday and my potential tomorrow exceeds my potential today. Anybody doing anything great today?

There are stories that inspire me and this happens to be authored by a good friend and recent travel buddy to Nicaragua. Reading her story is like taking the trip again and viewing it from a different set of eyes. Good stuff! As I mentioned in my previous post, I expected to be inspired in a specific way and did not receive that. Kimmie's story reiterates that inspiration can come in all forms and in the many experiences that surround us, we just need to be a little more open-minded. Thanks Kimmie, for the reminder. =)

Surf Shine: Nica Heart: Traveling to Nicaragua was a lot to process, a sensory & emotional overload.  I have found that there is always something to learn from eve...

It was July 4 and I was invited to a friend of a friend's house for an Independence Day barbeque. Normally when I show up at these things, where I don't know anyone except one or 2 people, I wonder who is going to be there and if the people are friendly.

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