As I spend hours online researching for a marketing paper, I am flabbergasted by the amount of information there is today, the rate of growth of this information, and the quantity of blogs that are produced as I search topics such as communication, media, social networking trends and statistics, data, information, browsing habits, and networking. I ponder current traditional job qualifications and academic curricula in existence and wonder how soon will these methods be outdated.

It seems to me that information is not only growing in breadth but, certainly in depth like never before. As a professional, expert, or enthusiast in any topic, the commitment seems to be greater and it is proportionally difficult for one to be well-rounded in many topics. With the increase of information and the increase of blogs (and pseudo-experts), how credible is data and let's face it, what good is information if no pertinent action is taken? It seems that non-personal acquisition of vast amounts of information is doable for anyone who has access to the Internet - and that pretty much means ANYONE.

Are we moving towards an era of well-paid information brokers and an increased need for those who can provide the "personal" delivery of information and assist us in taking relevant action? It is true that these people already exist. They already hire and orchestrate the "experts" who have tremendous depth of information. Or will tomorrow's human beings (and animals?) will grow brains that by far, out-compute and have larger storage capacity than the 20th century homo sapien neanderthalensis? I think we shall see this shortly...

Today I witnessed an amazing thing. An individual I had the pleasure of working with recently became the Youth of the Year and during a banquet today he gave the speech that he had been working so hard on the past few months. As he uttered the last 2 words of his speech, "Thank You," all of his efforts were suddenly recognized as a room of over 200 Boys and Girls Club donors, politicians, business men and women, and community-minded individuals stood in ovation. This moment was the culmination of all moments. His face lit up in pure happiness like I have never seen. I commend this boy, James Stabillo on his victory and wish him many more to come.

Adolescents by incubus

Spurred from a conversation while we were hiking, my friend recently lent me 2 DVDs, Temple Grandin ( and Like Stars on Earth ( To give a little background, my friend works with autistic and special needs children (forgive me if I am politically incorrect) and her stories always amaze me. First, I have a hard time conjuring up the patience to do what she does and therefore, I admire her and those in her field A LOT. Second, listening to (and understanding) her perspective is a real eye opening exercise for me as I begin to understand the world I do not know. There is such a diverse range of interesting and beautiful people in this world and to simply congregate with and understand those similar to ourselves is a tragedy. After watching these 2 movies, my admiration for her and her colleagues went up a million notches. Watch them and tell me if you didn't shed a tear...

Incubus Xmas Present to Our Fans from Steve Rennie on Vimeo.

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