I'm calling out ALL of you Hawaii peeps. Have you seen the sunset recently? I know. I know. Yeaaaaah sure. You have. Well, Okay. Take your favorite someone, go to the nearest north, northwest, or southwest shore, leave your phones and distractions in the car, bring all the thoughts (and only these thoughts) of the wonderful and positive things you have in this life, and add this sunset to the list.

Well... Marco is always doing his thing at Cafe Grazie! If you haven't had a breakfast, a lunch, or a tasty snack there, you should. I highly recommend it! I was talking with my coworker the other day and she explained, "Yeah those mannequins are awesome! They definitely are a thing to look at and pass the time while you wait for your food." As I remember, his service is rather speedy and the wait isn't that long but, never the less, they are iiiiinnnteresting eye candy!

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