I was being impatient.  The day after I set up my avocado seeds, I checked it to see if anything was growing.  The day after?  Same thing.

How did I let this one slip by?  I've been a fan of Staind and Aaron Lewis from back in the day when Staind performed the grungy grunge and today, I still return to tunes like "For You" and "Waste" when I'm feeling a little emo, sans the black frame glasses.

Someone recently told me that he/she refrained from voting because, "they are all crooks."  Another person claimed that they, "all lie."  There are so many sides to the "American" coin and there is no panacea for all problems.  But if you say that you won't take a stand, for the country that provides you with all of perfections and imperfections you have been blessed with, simply because they are all liars or crooks, that sounds like cop-out to me.  I'm not an openly political person and I won't sway you in any direction except to have a legitimate reason to take action but, will admit that this post was inspired by Michelle Obama's speech on 9/4/12.

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