On April 25, 2009, in celebration of Architecture Month, the American Institute of Architects held a free informational walk. Normally $15, this walk is well worth the nominal expense.

The foot traffic on any given weekday in downtown is reminiscent of LA's fast-paced freeways and rightfully so; we all have places to go and things to do (that were due the day before). If you were to take a Sunday stroll through the concrete jungle (at 1/4 of the weekday pace) and look up at what downtown has to offer architecturally, you would be truly amazed.

I myself have always wondered about old buildings in the Honolulu area and this was a great opportunity to learn more. Man... This walk/tour was incredible. There was a lot to see, ample time to admire, and the Docents provided a lot of interesting background information. If you haven't been on this tour yet, you should check it out!

For more information, go to: http://www.aiahonolulu.org/index.cfm.

Oh, how I love beater boards from Craigslist. This spider fish 6' x 19 1/2" x 2 1/2" cleaned up pretty nice - a few open wounds and some dirty wax but, nothing that Solarez and a scraper couldn't handle....

They say that night time is evil; a time that desecrates of the soul. Night brings no good. Night is when the shutters and blinds should be closed and blankets should be used as shields to protect the good. Night is when the innocent should retract to their homes, their havens of safety. Night is when ghouls, goblins, and those not of this world prevail. Night becomes a conduit that carries negative energy. Yet, there is good that exists during night. Take a look.

I'm not an avid bicycle fan but, this 1950s bicycle built by the Monark company is just sick (that means awesome)...

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