It was a brilliant idea at first. It's the in thing! All the kids are doing it! It's the latest rage! If you don't get with the times, you'll just be another one of those fuddy duddies. A wall mural. That's all I wanted. It couldn't be that hard right? Draw it out, slap on paint, and Voila! Well, taking in to consideration my inexperience in painting anything, this was harder than I thought. Let me back up for a moment and explain that the wall is textured so painting smooth lines isn't easy. But I did it, the process was fun, and I'm pleased with the results!

Yet another ill day! Thanks to my friends for the adventure!

Oh man, the Thunderbirds in Hawaii was a great show! If you haven't gone, you have one more day. They'll be tearing it up tomorrow afternoon at 3PM. Get your behind down to Hickam AF base!

A certain fella down the hall from my office has the sickest bikes in town - beautiful vintage bicycles. He truly has a passion for collecting them, keeping them immaculate, riding them DAILY, and knows a bunch about them. This particular model is yet another 1940's Schwinn that I think is siiiiiiick! I'd be smiling like that Hula girl as well if I were riding on a whip like that.

Do you know where YOUR soul is at?

After a few days in Utah for business, I was dying to get back to the islands for some H2O. I knew that a swell was tickling the southern shores while I was in Utah and I was bummed that I was missing it. Well, today was redemption. My friend and I hiked the Manana trail, down to the waterfall and had a few hours of surf at my favorite spot. It was just another one of those days that you have to ask, "what did I do to deserve this?"

I KNOW I didn't just flick on the 6 o'clock news and see someone that looked like me with a beer in his hand at the sandbar because I wasn't there.

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