Men pump iron until their elbows can no longer touch. Men drink protein shakes and yell, obnoxiously, in the gym as they bench press every 45 lb plate within knuckle-dragging distance. Men, drink 12 packs of Heineken in one sitting and use as much profanity as can possibly fit in one fucking sentence. But, men don't do yoga. Women do yoga. And not only that, only hippie women do yoga. So I've been told. Well, I do yoga. And if I did yoga more often, I'd probably feel even better. On the SYRV X trip, I had a chance to do yoga everyday and noticed that my surfing felt a lot more fluid; I didn't have the awkward back pain that would greet me frequently and unexpectedly like a shark 2 minutes into the most epic surf session; and my body felt stronger, more limber, a lot more rested after a good night's sleep. I decided to continue yoga, going to classes at least twice a week and as described in the video, it has improved my active lifestyle. Do yoga!

How things materialize and come together is a phenomenon that's beyond my understanding. It's been a few weeks since my trip to Nicaragua; and since, I have had an unsettling feeling, as if a thought, an idea, an emotion would redirect my mindset, like a speeding surfer cracking the lip of an unrelenting wave, only to find his stance even stronger and his board in an even faster groove. This anticipation grew. And grew. And grew. It, among other thoughts, became almost unbearable and kept me up until the wee hours of the morning a few nights. Nicaragua left me with a grab bag full of sights, experiences, interesting people interactions, thoughts, perspectives, and emotions; a bunch of shattered pieces that I helplessly held in my hands and could not begin to assemble. Until now.

Just leave me alone... I guess she's been around for a while, singing her smooth and sultry tunes. I recently discovered Asa and damn, she is a soulful artist.

In August of 2011, I went on my first SYRV Adventure to volunteer in rural Nicaragua. Among many things, the 2011 trip showed me that others, in this world, live with a fraction of the things that I had recklessly disposed of. It showed me that even though one has less, it was possible to be equally as happy, if not more, than one who has "more". The trip opened my eyes to the beauty of the people, places, and wildlife in Nicaragua; and it inspired me to return, this time with a few friends, on another SYRV Adventure in May of 2012. I expected my experience to be textbook similar, but I was in for a surprise.

I recently discover the works of Asa and wonderful musician with a very laid back vibe.  Good with a glass of wine!

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