My homie, Del, recently sent me a link to a blog called Fluent in 3 months. The author Benny has 29 profound lessons, that he has learned on his 8 year travel. I have always had the same ideas floating around in my brain, in a disorganized array and to see the ideas laid out like Benny has, was refreshing! I think I will take each one of his ideas and elaborate on them as time goes on. Thanks Benny!

Life Lessons by Benny the Irish Polygot - Fluentin3months

*sniff* *sniff* This was a "little" fella who grew out of my worm bin, and I decided to remove it and give it, its own home. After growing roughly 2 feet tall, and leaning over the pot, it needed some help in standing up, and so I retrieved 2 pieces of driftwood, as uprights. Today, it is doing well and may soon need taller uprights. Hopefully soon, I will be able to harvest the tomatoes. They grow up so fast.

The saying normally goes, "if you don't stand up for something, you stand up for nothing." The question I have is... If I support a side, am I encouraging a divide?

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