Or rather, where man infuses nature with his environment. I'll be next to express my displeasure with the oil situation in the Gulf of Mexico and ultimately, I understand the issue among environmentalists and those who appreciate nature (myself included) is that someone or some people have messed with nature (clearly an understatement). I find it ironic how 3 natural elements, salt water, oil, and man's greed (yes I know, greed is not technically an element) can have disastrous effects together and on one another. I don't want to see the earth destroyed and I too am earth conscious but maybe... Just maybe... Destruction is a natural thing. It's another point in time within a cycle.

I pulled this one off of the SurfySurfy blog. It's a definite feel good clip.

Cy's Sunrise Lefts from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo.

Wopwops - A remote and undeveloped area
- backwoods, back country, boondocks [N. Amer], hinterland, Woop Woop [Austral], back of Bourke [Austral], boonies [N. Amer]


I felt compelled to describe my surfing abilities with a picture.

Schlitterbahn o Schlitterbahn. You were fun. The end.

In Hawaii, we have the beach and so many different activities - surfing, snorkeling, kiteboarding, etc. etc. etc. and etc. In Texas, they have rivers and tubing! It was fun. fun. and fun! Close to San Antonio run 2 rivers that people generally tube down - the Guadalupe River and the Comal River. Both waters originate from springs, making the temperature fairly cold but, comfortable during the summer months. We chose to tube a small section of the Comal River next to the Schlitterbahn Waterpark. Gnarly! I'd do it again!

It started off fairly flat and calm - lots to look at, very scenic, and everyone in the area was having a great time.

Then, came what the locals call, The Chute. Dun dun DAAAA! I like how they paint the walls of the chute red. "If yall see red, yer pretty much f@*&ed!"

Almost instantly, we went from "horse and buggy" speed to what seemed like "Ludicrous" speed and as we began to spin like a careening race car out control, sides scraping the walls of "El Chuto", sparks flying, and all the world seemingly a blur, I thought of 2 things. When is my tube going to pop? How will I save the beer I brought? As luck would have it, we made it and I am here on my blog reporting from the ends of earth.

Dogs tube too!

If you go to the official city government website for the city of Fredericksburg, Texas, it states, "Fredericksburg is a city of beauty and calm." I have to agree and will add that is also a city of nostalgia. I was told that Fredericksburg was a city that held great pride in its history and on the main street, you will see remnants of the original buildings that were there and no franchise establishments. See for yourself!

Did you know the Alamo is actually a nuclear facility?

Just kidding. It's not. That is a building located across the street from the Grand Hyatt, San Antonio. I'm sure it's really a barbeque vent of some sort. =) One night we decided to go check out a ghost tour that met in front of the Alamo at 8PM. During the course of an hour (after 8PM) the group formed as we discovered that we were all waiting for the ghost tour guide. All said and told, the only thing intangible and ghostly was the guide who didn't show up so we opted to walk around and take some photos of the Alamo. My girlfriend and I spoke with the ranger who was on guard at the Alamo and he was helpful in sharing a few of his stories of the Alamo and of the adjacent hotels.

This happens to be the creepy shot of our Texas trip.

I have never been a wine connoisseur and until now, have never been on a wine tour. My friend who loves her wine (not, loves to whine =)) decided it would be a novel idea to go on a wine tour in Texas. Of course being the resourceful cat that she is, she managed to find a tour company that offers great service. Texas Wine Tours mainly tours in the Fredericksburg area and expressed that we would need at least 8 people committed to the tour in order for them to ship out to San Antonio to pick us up. Recollecting a few Economics lessons I learned eons ago, I understood their reasoning. My recruiting skills once again failed me however, my friend Ed who lives in San Antonio agreed to join us on the tour and offered to drive us up to Fredericksburg. Another plan come together. We toured a couple of locations, including Rancho Ponte Vineyards, Grape Creek Vineyards, Pedernales Cellars, Becker Vineyards, and more. I have to say that I am hooked. We learned a lot of interesting things about vineyards in Texas and California, the people who are responsible for these great vineyards, stressing grapes, soil, pairing wine and foods, met interesting people who were also on the tour, and all in all, had a great time.

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