How sick is this photo of Tippi Degré?  Talk about living free...

Recently I've been around a lot of people who seemed to have a ton of conflicting (with each other and themselves) opinions and "passions."

I should really start an "Inspire" series, a series dedicated to those who are WAY outside of the box and inspire me as a result.

I've always liked continuous line drawings.  Also referred to as single line drawings, it constitutes drawing without lifting the pen or pencil from the paper.  Ian Slarsky however, does it blind; meaning that he keeps his eyes on the model and does not look at his drawings. It's hard enough for me to keep consistent ratios (eg. distance between a person's eyes is the same as the width of his or her eye), looking at the model.  To keep these ratios and perspectives without looking at the drawing is a whole nutha ballgame. Enjoy!

I've been thinking a lot lately, about traveling.  For 3 years I was immersed in an MBA program that I completed, earlier, last year.  The program, overall, wasn't too strenuous but, it kept my focus primarily on academics.  After I wrapped that up, I traveled to Africa, Nicaragua, and Japan but, was still in that mode.  Towards the end of last year, my right brain really began to kick in, and I began toying with art and ideas of my next adventure.

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