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I've been thinking a lot lately, about traveling.  For 3 years I was immersed in an MBA program that I completed, earlier, last year.  The program, overall, wasn't too strenuous but, it kept my focus primarily on academics.  After I wrapped that up, I traveled to Africa, Nicaragua, and Japan but, was still in that mode.  Towards the end of last year, my right brain really began to kick in, and I began toying with art and ideas of my next adventure.

I hoped to travel to Nica this month to assess a health center in Chinandega, to formulate a plan to return with additional volunteers, but alas, with all of the recent activities at my job (which I absolutely love!), I had to postpone the trip.

I plan to travel to Nica sometime this summer, for a week, when the waves are looking good =) and hope to continue with my plans to assess the Nica health care system and provide some sort of support in the future.

As for my "big" travel plans, I have a coworker who traveled to Nepal to hike to the Everest Base Camp.  She shared her itinerary and I researched (looking at the pretty pictures on Google) Nepal, and since then, I haven't shaken my thoughts of traveling to Nepal.  Recently, a friend mentioned her plans to finally travel to Vietnam to cave spelunk.  A few Google images of the Son Doong cave(s) and I was blown away!  If anyone is planning to travel to Nepal and/or Vietnam in August/September/October, let me know!  =)

During my research, one thing led to another and another and another and soon, I stumbled upon an inspiring blog by a fellow soul wanderer, Anna.  Her blog is here.

After reading her blog, I'm all the more excited to travel this year.  Her posts provide, not only her experiences, but a step by step of how she traveled, many of the questions that I would ask.  Aside from her posts detailing the various places she experienced, I do recommend her posts located under Inspiration and Travel Tips.   It's great to travel to distant places but, I agree with her, the journey to improve  and enlighten yourself is far more valuable.

I'm going.  Somewhere.  Somehow.  To live life, that is!


  1. I've only got one trip planned for 2013, hopefully if I get my life in order I can do more in 2014 ^_^


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