The Times Have Changed

It's been a while since I've been here. According to the dates on my blogs, 7 years to be exact.  A lot has happened since 2013.  I have a son; a son who is exponentially more intelligent than I, more aware than I, and with every stimuli, I can see his wheels turning, churning deep thoughts.  He is living up to his name...  Bodhi.  When I look into his eyes, I see much more than him.  I see me.  I see every thought, every deficiency, every challenge, every success, every improvement, and every dream that I have ever had and have and more.  I see the potential for a better version of me, one who will not adopt all of my traditions for tradition's sake.  I see myself painfully letting my son traverse his own path, forge his own way, and experience things that I am highly afraid of; and he will be better because of his courage.  And he will prove that my limited mindset is obsolete; and that is okay.  We must all be obsolete at some point to allow the next, to progress. 

Since 7 years ago, my mind races a little faster and in many more directions, my awareness a little sharper, my interests a little broader, my experiences a little heavier, and overall, I see fate, I see the negativity, and I see improvement and hope. 

I've traveled to a few places, enough to open my eyes, to prove my mindset obsolete and incorrect, and to prove that I must continually put in the effort to improve.  Or be stagnant, stale, pushed to the side, and waste the talents that I have adopted. 

And the environment has changed.  We are amidst a pandemic.  They call it Corona Virus or Covid-19 or, it has many names...  It appears to have stemmed from a bat.  The Batman, a mere mortal among mutants and aliens was wise to choose the bat as a symbol.  The tiny bat is a powerful being.  But back to the virus or bacteria or whatever it is.  People hate it.  It conjures, it encourages an It against Us mentality.  Humans have a gift of doing so; it is our default.  Oddly, a year or so ago, a Marvel movie titled the Infinity Wars came out in which Thanos snapped his fingers and half the population of the "Universe" (aka, Earth) disintegrated.  VERY oddly familiar theme.  I don't mean any disrespect to anyone in identifying the similarity.  But movies have a way to mimicking real life; just like art.  Movies are art.  Maybe this Covid-19 is a reset for our kind.  Maybe we (energetically) did this to ourselves.  We wanted to halt the nonsensical complexity we created.  Our greed and insecurities can be quite the creator.  Maybe this is the time we individually need to collect ourselves, to unfold our collars, to strike away the wrinkles in our attire, to infuse fresh O2 into our bodies, and just... catch up.  As a surfer, I always wondered...  What would happen if a shark took one or more of my limbs.  What if physically I was unable to do the things I could do, with the same ease that I can, today?  Who would I be?  Would I overcome?  What would I do?  This time, this Covid bullshit is a sample of that, without the physical limitation of missing limbs.  I mean, seriously...  Stay at home, greet people from 6 feet away, and practically view every innocent and alien thing to your household, including groceries, the mail, the Amazon-delivered dog food for Rosie our beautiful snorting and toddler-crap-eating bulldog, and the pack of toilet paper that Mom just bought from Sam's club.  How in hell did all of these things become deadly?  It's so ironic.  I Googled pandemic and a site indicated that AIDS was the last pandemic.  But you had to have sex or share needles and just generally swap bodily fluids in order to pass AIDS from one person to another.  Today, alls you need is to breathe on someone.  Scary.  If we get past this (and we will), for the next pandemic, alls you may need to do is to look at someone. I fear for my beautiful and bright son, weaving his way through that world. 


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