Fuck it...

Recently I've been around a lot of people who seemed to have a ton of conflicting (with each other and themselves) opinions and "passions."
Personally, anyone who tells me they have a passion but, their passions produce no action, is simply destroying our ozone layer. To be around these individuals, who I hope are working out their thoughts as well, is difficult. I find it ironic that if you didn't care, it would be much easier to be around these folks yet, if you didn't care, you probably wouldn't hang out with them, and as a person who's open-minded and loves to learn different perspectives, I often find myself at the nucleus of these protons and electrons. I've been doing a lot of art recently and this weekend, and my creative mind came to a grudging halt, infuriated and unable to process the heaps of info and "passions." This morning I came across this video of David Choe, a rebellious artist from LA who reminded me to walk outside of my comfort zone, daily.


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