Manana Hike - Da short trail

After a few days in Utah for business, I was dying to get back to the islands for some H2O. I knew that a swell was tickling the southern shores while I was in Utah and I was bummed that I was missing it. Well, today was redemption. My friend and I hiked the Manana trail, down to the waterfall and had a few hours of surf at my favorite spot. It was just another one of those days that you have to ask, "what did I do to deserve this?"


  1. Wow! Is that an actual wild goat you saw on the trail?? It just posed there for you to take a photo? That's awesome. I've never seen a wild goat while hiking. I've never seen a pig or wallaby either. Oddly, the only time I sighted a "wild animal" of that sort is while driving around Tantalus and seeing a pig cross the road.

  2. This is my favorite trail! I love the pools!


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