So much Aloha!

From time to time, my homegirl, Kimmie, invites me on her North Shore surf excursions and recently we had a 3+ hour sesh at Gums. T'was a small day with some winds but, fun fer sher! On a whim I tried her 5'6" Tokoro, which I may have to copy or steal from her (just kidding Kimmie)! It was a skaty little thing and I was having a blast. After, we headed over to the Haleiwa Farmer's Market for some grinds. They had some live entertainment and Kimmie was able to purchase a CD from the fellow who was jamming on his guitar and harmonica (which I must also copy or steal). We walked around for a bit deciding on what to eat; I had the Maui Beef Stew and she had the Turkey Chili. We are definitely stopping by the Farmer's Market the next time we in Haleiwa - so much Aloha! Even the forks and spoons had Aloha!


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