Derivation of inspiration

I attend Toastmasters because I have a public speaking deficiency and recognize that it is largely, due to my insecurities. One way of improving upon these insecurities is through what people refer to as, "fake it until you make it." Just like surfing or any other activity, through repetition, you can develop more comfort in what you do. Additionally, scrutiny of your results, unabated honesty WITH YOURSELF, correction of your mistakes, re-evaluation of your goals, humility, and the courage to self-motivate, is necessary if you want to be a better YOU.

Tonight, I witnessed a new member give his first speech. It's never an easy one, even though the topic is you. There's rarely a time when I get up in front of a crowd or speak to a small group of friends and not be nervous. This individual not only gave his first, "icebreaker" speech. He spoke about the infidelity of his father and the drug use and ultimate death of his beloved brother. Not many of us would have the courage talk about these unpleasant matters, or expose ourselves and admit that they occur within our families. Yet, he did all of the above. Thank you for the inspiration.


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