Something has begun to bother me...

Tonight I had dinner with my dear friend, Wendy. Amidst our conversation, we spoke about 2 Britains Got Talent contestants, Susan Boyle and Shaheen Jafargholi.

What bothers me is not my dinner (that was fricken delicious!). It is not my ALWAYS enjoyable and enlightening conversations with Wendy. And no, it is not because Susan and Shaheen do not follow the "norms" of celebrity singers.

It is because I followed the norm; I followed the norm and didn't listen to myself. I have watched them over and over on YouTube and have almost cried on all occasions. I am not some macho man who is unaffected by touching circumstances, humorous situations, and any other occassions that call upon emotions. I am someone who is often moved and feels that if you pay for a comedy show, you better walk out having peed your pants or if you just saw a "chick flick" you better have used up all of the kleenex. (Okay, I feel much better =) )

Check out what I'm talking about....

And Thank You Wendy!!!


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