The Kaiko'o's chair.

Two amazing things happened the other day.  I finally received my MBA diploma from Loma Linda University, signifying the end of a tedious learning session, and my friends and I painted a chair - the 2nd being better than the first.

It all started at my favorite surf break.  A lone chair stood there for weeks, providing a rest stop for weary surf and sunset watchers.  As the weeks went on, the fabric began to rip and people were no longer compelled to sit on it.  While surfing, one day, I witnessed the most spectacular sunset and thought, "dang it would be neat to paint that chair.  You should go get ice cream and beer."  (I have many randumb thoughts.)  Then my idea expanded.  What if?  What if my friends and I created an entire collage on the chair and returned it so that people could enjoy it, once again?

So, the transformation began.  I thieved the chair.  An innocent surf-Betty watched me load the chair into my car and chuckled, as if I were some furniture-less individual, a few years in the making to an episode on Hoarders.  Little did she know, this would be the greatest chair to sit on at Kaiko'os.  I drove up the street, chair in tow, and wondered how I would repair the fabric.  I passed a dumpster sitting outside a house being rebuilt and decided to take a peek to see if anything could assist in my remodeling effort.  Sure as the cold in winter, there was.  I crawled into the dumpster, ignoring the scent of week old plate lunches and the many dangers of broken glass and rebar and found the perfect slat of wood.  I returned home, cut the slat into pieces, ripped the fabric off the chair, and installed the slat pieces.  Crap.  I didn't have enough wood.  Sitting there pondering the meaning of life and why I had forgotten to attain my beer and ice cream, I remembered the broken fins that I collected over the years.  There had to be a way to incorporate those into the chair!  An hour later and I had the fins fastened to the chair using copper wire, with a promise to replace the copper wire with stainless steel wire.

I asked a friend if we could host a lil' art gathering at his house.  Thanks Double B's!  A few emails later and the party promised an intimate setting complete with artists, booze, and food.  People showed up in droves, mingled, laughed, ate, drank, be-merried, hot-tubbed, and then creativity gushed like a geyser.  Stories were told.  Ideas were shared.  And, all in all, it was a great time.  The chair now sports a new look with guitars, sharks, fish, trees, yellow pokka dot bikinis, swirlybobbers, R2D2, Saturn, waves, patterns, scenery, and everything important that cosmically exists!  Beach Art Bandits unite!


  1. First of all, congratulations!

    Secondly, awesome story and chair, thanks for sharing. Sorry I've been an email recluse.

    Miss ya & lots of love. xoxo


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