It was firing today...

There are some things that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside: the anticipation of experiencing something that is truly one of God's many gifts; the simple stoke of getting off work (after fixing something that was broken for a few months - yay!) in time to enjoy just a sliver of the remaining daylight hours; the knowing that the jitters you have from drinking that Red Bull are going to help every bit; the understanding that if you aren't on your best game, you are in for a challenging ride; and the appreciation of being in the here and now. After a few weeks (it seemed more like centuries) of unruly surf, chop and slop, and winds that brought out every kiteboarder and windsurfer in town, the winds subsided just enough and swept in at just the perfect angle. It was as if the winds and the waves were gracefully waltzing to the perfect tune. What a gnarly day...


  1. i think those nice south shore waves are creating a rather muggy humid feeling for me here in Waikiki... uggg it's warm!


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