Maui '10

There's really not much to say about Maui that hasn't been said before. It's truly a beautiful place. In all of my consciousness, I can't say I've known where I had been, was, or was going while on Maui and this time, I actually took the time to map out where I was (and it helped to know where I was going as the driver). We drove up north to Honolua Bay and around the corner to Wailuku. The single lane road was definitely an awesome opportunity to really slow down and take a look at the countryside (and make sure we didn't cream anyone head-on =) ). We headed on over to Paia for lunch, continued past to Twin Falls, and decided to head back up to Makawao. From there, we headed back to Napili to just chill. Amazing day...


  1. Can we work on a (insert any place here) 2010.5 (so we don't have to wait until 2011!) trip?! You're a damn good traveling partner and I'd be content on an adventure just about anywhere with yah! :-)

  2. Abso-tively. I'm thinking we try another island or we can explore the "little-knowns-to-non-residents" of Maui or Kauai. I think I can get some inside scoops from some peoples. Let's do this... A non-class month?


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