Chicago eats!

I normally make it a point, during my travels, to eat food that a locale is known for and to try beers that I don't see in Hawaii stores. On this recent trip, I think I may have overdone it with the eating and drinking but, dang was it good!

A friend suggested I try Chicago deep dish pizza from Due's or Uno's and being that they were about a block apart, I decided that I would try both (and no, not consecutively for the same meal). I have to say that Pizzeria Due's deep dish pizza is delicious and as for Uno's? Well, they had long lines and the front desk help (on 3 different days) was rude. Oh well, I'll try it the next time I am in the neighborhood.

While walking around Millenium Park, I had a craving for Mexican food. I didn't see anything truly ethnic and opted to try Chipotle, a fast food Mexican restaurant. I definitely give it 2 thumbs up. If I could snap my fingers and replace all Taco Bell establishments with this restaurant, I would!

I also learned from talking to some of the locals that the Chicagodog was the thing to eat. I had the pleasure of trying 2 establishments. After a ghost tour, I tried Portillos and while I was visiting the Navy Pier, I sampled another dog from America's Dog. MMMMmmmmmmm... I did put ketchup on my dog, something I later learned was sacriligious but, don't tell anyone!

The offending pizzeria!


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