I am a selfish and wanton bastard.

According to Immanuel Kant, a foundational theorist for Deontology, goodwill is something that does not provide benefit for you, who act out in goodwill. First of all, I won't call myself a heavy hitter in terms of donating time or money but, I do. It makes me feel damn good! Today, I saw a CNN video of Apollo Ohno describing his work with seeyourimpact.org it choked me up and motivated me to send a couple of bucks to some random (and legitimate) good cause (incidentally, hours after the CNN video was posted, the seeyourimpact.org web servers crashed - oh the ironies). Moving along, my goodwill is of benefit to me - it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and that's why I do it. So call me a selfish basteeed because I do good things for my benefit as well! On the flip side, maybe my donation of time and money, what little it may be, is not "goodwill", in which case my disagreement with Kant's statement has no foundation and I am in the clear. =)


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