here goes something!

Change is coming. In the wake of the Bush era and the dawning of the Obama era, America is confused, awaiting what is to come. International affairs are heated. Technology in all aspects are growing exponentially, applying pressure to many things and people. Health Care has definitely seen better days and one can only hope that the skies will clear up soon. You no longer have to go to the doctor's office, you simply need a computer with Internet connection. Big businesses, I mean the heaVY HEAVY HITTERS are dropping like flies. Crimes, both large and small, are ramping up as society feels economic pressure. Birds are dropping planes. Ponzi schemes have bypassed the thousands and have reached quantities of millions of dollars. Unknown and uncredentialed bloggers are influencing the masses while the media stands bewildered. Reality tv is becoming obsolete as ACTUALITY tv is stepping on stage.

Things as we know are, in fact, changing. They are changing whether we would like to admit to it or not. Ways of doing things are not as or no longer effective. I know. I know. All of this sounds rather dismal. But opportunities are abound. Change can also bring good things. And we can alter our perspectives as we see fit.

I felt that it was only fitting to start solomish, a blurb (or blurbs to come) about any and everything - blurbs about change, blurbs about "feel good", blurbs about cool, positive blurbs, blurbs of hope, open-minded blurbs, blurbs about nothing, "many things" blurbs and blurbs inspired by people. With that, here goes something!


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