Everybody's Somebody in Luckenbach

Of course everyone needs cash so why not use the same ATM that's been there since the 1800's! (And if you believe that, I have salt water to sell yah.)

I didn't exactly get used to peeing in the trough next to someone else but, the restrooms were definitely amusing.

So the next time you are in outskirts of San Antonio, swing on by Luckenback, order yourself a cold one, kick your heels up, and enjoy the music. You'll find that it's a pretty neighborly place.

With a population of 2, I guess everyone is someone in Luckenbach. After driving for a good 45 minutes amidst farmland, fences, and the sparsely populated cattle, we pulled up to what was originally the post office of Luckenbach. Now a souvenir shop, the back of the building touts what has always been the local bar. I thought, "Imagine that, a post office and a bar, all in the same 20 X 40 building; all with live music."


  1. Doesn't the Aloha Stadium have the trough style in the men's restrooms?? I know they are somewhere...

    Oh yeah! Hawaii Raceway Park used to have that too!!


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