Texas, San Antonio

Prior to my recent trip to San Antonio, Texas, I was told, "Who the hell would want to go to Texas? There's nothing there." Awww man, not true. It was fun. I had the pleasure of attending an American Telemedicine Association conference in San Antonio, Texas and on days after, checked out Gruene, Fredericksburg, Waring, Luckenbach, and New Braunsfel. On the first day, my good friend Ed took me on an adventure hunt and suggested we check out some live bands in a town called Gruene.

Historic Gruene is a quaint little place with structures dating back to the 1800s including the Grist Mill and the Gruene dance hall. You can visit a cozy little biker bar snuggled right next to the Guadelupe River, ask for a cold can of Shiner Bock, sit on the deck, and watch the locals tube all day. The water was pretty cold for my taste so I opted to sit there, listen to the calm roar of the river, take in the scents of the river and cedar trees, and talk story with the locals.

Ed and I hung around and checked out Gruene Hall and the live bands. I've never been in a old school Texas dance hall before and it was awesome - floorboards creaking as you make your way to the bar, the same floorboards flexing up and down once the band started playing, people wearing aloha print cowboy shirts and Neu Era hats, and kids just having a ball. It was insane!


  1. what in the world! your hair is actually shorter than mine!


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