Vida D. Scudder once said that, "It is through creating, not possessing, that life is revealed." 
I'm lucky to be creative and artistic.  Sure, my paintings don't sell for millions (in fact I have to give most of them away) and my Nicaragua seashell mobiles will probably rot on my balcony; but I have the ability to creatively perceive, to devise random art and silly thoughts that are near impossible to execute or are totally offensive.  I've spoken about my infatuation with growing sea urchins (painful when stepped on) at my favorite surf break when I am old, cynical, and can no longer surf.  I've made the pretty girls run away with my audibly ferocious (but, surprisingly un-smelly,) farts.  And my crazy imagination and big effing mouth can astonish a room full of the most conservative professionals.  These things have kept me sane and soulfully rich.

I'm not advocating not buying stuff.  Heck, I like stuff too!  But, if you're buying things for fleeting attention, your excitement for your purchases quickly dwindle, or material things don't spark your creativity, you may want to reassess your spending.  Instead, stare out the window, let your mind wander, and imagine every cloud that passes is an animal roaming freely.  Even if you're not 100% convinced or confident, go on a volunteer trip to a 3rd world country (be cognizant of your safety, obviously) and leave your expectations at home.  Sketch all of your colleagues on those important meeting minutes.  Take a sick day and go build astronomically large sand castles on the north shore (be sure to hide when news reporters come to scope out your work).  To the amusement (and curiosity of your sanity,) of other morning traffic drivers, sing a song as loud as you can, and improvise the lyrics.  Let the water be your paint's guide.  Weld something that is abstract and has no distinct purpose.  Write a check in the express lane, be sure to thank everyone for being patient, and break them off pieces of that Kit Kat bar.  Turn the tv on mute and imagine what Freddy Kruger would say if he were psychotically in love with all of his victims or what Darth Vader would sound like if he had a really high valley girl voice (with a lisp).  Snap photos without the person in the center, in focus.  Swim against the current (metaphorically speaking), no matter how strong the current is.  Create!


  1. Nice.

    During office hours, whenever I hear the fire truck leave the station I imagine they're off to save the world, sirens blazing of glory.

    1. That's legit. (2 legit to quit!) Those guys are. Even if they are rushing off to help a little old lady across the street, with a tweety bird on her shoulder, and 8 grocery bags of hamburger helper.


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