Avocado Seeds

I was being impatient.  The day after I set up my avocado seeds, I checked it to see if anything was growing.  The day after?  Same thing.
I knew that it would take at least a week to sprout, according to sources on the Internet but, I just wanted to see something happen.  Fast forward to today and it looks like they are ready to be put into the ground (or at least a pot of some sort).  Of the 5 that I started with, 2 succumbed to algae, mold, whatever was growing in the water.  3, however have stalks ranging from 6 inches to 1 1/2 feet tall and they are primed for homes.  I threw in a single-line drawing of the runt of the litter for good measure.  With all of the trees being cut down in the world, here's to adding 3 more trees to Hawaii!


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