Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

I've never really been into science (except Physics) however, when I heard that Kelly Slater's Ultimate Wave Tahiti was playing at the Museum of Science and Industry's Omnimax theatre, I decided to go check it out. The movie itself was interesting, describing all the different features that made waves what they are and dissected Tahiti's reef features. It included a bit of a story and some surf footage all rolled up into a quick movie. The Omnimax theatre however was pretty gnarly with the screen being a round bubble above you. I sat in the middle row and got a little queasy - so glad I didn't sit at the lower rows. I would have puked.

All in all the museum was awesome. There were exhibits and information on hydroponics, green building, plumbing, farming, weather, physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, coal mining, vehicles, and more. If you are a nerd at heart, go and check it out. You will love it!


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