Chicago Structures

Ok, so a continuation to my Chicago trip... I had the pleasure of traveling to Chicago for a work conference and spent a few extra days there. I had accommodations at the Swissotel, an elegant hotel with very helpful and cheerful staff.

I walked a bit around the area, through the Magnificent Mile, over and behind to some questionable areas, through the parks, to the Navy Pier and more. One thing that was amazing was the vast array of architecture. If you're in the area, definitely take the time to look up!

I didn't take shots of a fast foodery (yes I know that's not a legitimate word), Chipotle but, it is my new favorite Mexican fast foodery. The burrito was huge and yummy!

I was hoping to find different shops along the Magnificent Mile compared to what we have in Hawaii but, for the most part, they had what we have here save for Bloomingdale and Crate and Barrel. I did spend some time in Crate and Barrel and bought a few nifty kitchen things. Much of the mile was similar to Waikiki with street entertainment, crowds, crowds of people walking at varying paces, and did I mention crowds? One thing that was different were the drivers that felt compelled to use their horn as if it were some sort of consumable like gas, oil, tires, or windshield wipers. They must have horn change facilities in Chicago, similar to Jiffy Lubes across the states. I had a taxi driver honk at me while I was in the crosswalk with a walk light on in my favor. I guess I wasn't walking fast enough for him to make his turn. Ha!

I did have a chance to stroll Millenium Park, check out the Museum of Science and Industry, participate in a ghost tour, and watch the Bellator fights at the Chicago Theatre. I would have liked to taken the water taxi to check out the river and possibly go on an architecture tour but, I will leave that for the next time!


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