Funny how death is a reminder of life

Have you ever found yourself lying on the couch, flipping through channels with nothing interesting to watch, maybe emotionally beat over something that occurred during the week - all on a warm, sunny, and beautiful afternoon? Yet, we wallow in our negativity, never leaving that couch. It's funny how we need a reminder (to kick us in the front teeth), a return to ground zero, to really appreciate that which is going on around us. With recent deaths and close calls surrounding me, they have served as a reminder for me to appreciate life, make the most of it, push boundaries, and help others. I'm not talking about finding everything wrong with nothing. I'm talking about appreciating everything for what it is. I'm not talking about thinking about ways to destroy something or getting revenge. I'm talking about ways to make things better. I'm not talking about stressing yourself over nothing. I'm talking about pushing yourself past your potential. I'm not talking about all the failures you will have. I'm talking about all of those same experiences that will lead you to where you want to go. I know I find myself every once in a while, taking for granted the very thing that allows me to experience all the wonderful things in and out of this world - life. I'm back on track...


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