Men pump iron until their elbows can no longer touch. Men drink protein shakes and yell, obnoxiously, in the gym as they bench press every 45 lb plate within knuckle-dragging distance. Men, drink 12 packs of Heineken in one sitting and use as much profanity as can possibly fit in one fucking sentence. But, men don't do yoga. Women do yoga. And not only that, only hippie women do yoga. So I've been told. Well, I do yoga. And if I did yoga more often, I'd probably feel even better. On the SYRV X trip, I had a chance to do yoga everyday and noticed that my surfing felt a lot more fluid; I didn't have the awkward back pain that would greet me frequently and unexpectedly like a shark 2 minutes into the most epic surf session; and my body felt stronger, more limber, a lot more rested after a good night's sleep. I decided to continue yoga, going to classes at least twice a week and as described in the video, it has improved my active lifestyle. Do yoga!


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