Japanese business hotel - A tale of shoebox living

We spent our first night in Kyushu at a "Business" hotel. My mom mentioned that she reserved 3 separate rooms. When I opened the door to my room, I realized why. As a reference, I took the first 2 pictures standing in the front doorway. These rooms are roughly 10' X 20', including the bathroom.

On many occasions, business men or women have been known to miss their buses or trains after a night of heavy drinking with the "shacho" (boss). These "Business" hotels, typically located adjacent to train or bus depots cater to these individuals.

Although the room was tiny, it included a clothes press, shaver kit, toothbrush kit (with a squeeze of toothpaste), shampoo/conditioner/soap, slippahs, brush, and complimentary tea/coffee/bottled water.


  1. interesting... i still say you guys should have tried the over night rate at a love hotel! hahahaha!


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