Yokohama Port Cruise

My cousin graciously volunteered to take us around Yokohama for the day and had asked what we wanted to do. He suggested that we either go to check out 1 or 2 sight seeing spots or go shopping. Being that the Internet makes shopping capable from almost anywhere, I opted to go sight seeing.

In the morning, we drove over the Kirin Beer Factory and that was amazing! It's always interesting to see how things are made, done, created, and etc. I wasn't able to snap photos in their factory but, was able to have ice cold ones after the tour. The folks over at Kirin gave us a sample of their soon-to-be debuted Cola-flavored 5% alcohol drink. Amazing... I don't know if it will make its way to America but, if it does, I'll be sure to buy some.

Our next stop was the Yokohama Bay cruise. Previous trips to Japan had netted some unclear skies and muggy weather but, that day was different. Putting around on the outskirts of the harbor with beautiful skies, cool temperature, and comfortable humidity was amazing. Family never ceases to amaze me and just being able to share a beer with my uncle, dad, and cousin and watch my 2nd cousins tear sh*t up like I used to back in the day, was awesome.


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