Kauai '09

...was an amazing trip. I've always known Kauai to be rather rainy, cloudy, and wet. The weather this weekend however, was beautiful! We drove around to the north shore for a quick sight seeing trip. The surf was disorganized, ugly, and seemed to offer very little for the few surfers who were in the water. The flowers were in full bloom, the homeless were creeping (and yelling at the homosexuals,) amongst the shadows of caves, and Puka Dog ran out of veggie dogs. Like anything else, this trip had much to offer, we just had to dig it out. Lemons = lemonade right? We stayed at the magnificent Grand Hyatt, thank you to the Whitford family and Pentair. The service was impeccable, the facilities were top notch, and the people there were very cheerful. It didn't hurt that I had great roomies and there was no shortage of shenanigans! Good times, I tell yah. Thanks Jess and Rampage. Maui '10 here we come!


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