Pipe Masters 09

The pros always make it look easy. The amazing part however, is not how good they look or how fluid they are, it is the journey they traversed to get there.

Dreams were made and broken December 12th, the 3rd day of the Pipeline Masters as Mick Fanning won the World Title and Joel Parkinson, who surfed past me as I was wading in the shoreline, lost his heat and lost his chances for the World Title.

Earlier that day, the folks from Billabong interviewed my friend and I regarding who we thought would win the World Title and why. I quickly exclaimed, Mick Fanning and gave my reasons. When asked what I thought would happen to Joel, I adamantly explained that he would fight another day (next year). These 2 will always be in World Title contention, not because they surf fluidly or because they are skilled but, because of the journeys they are willing to take to get there.


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